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With over 20 years of experience in finding and renovating investment properties, we have the ability to offer our investors a short- or long-term real estate investment in Utah and across the country. Use our FREE property search or schedule a consultation to start your real estate investment search.


Invest in Long Term Rentals

We have access and funding available to purchase single family, multi-family, and apartment rental units that produce above average cap rates. We have the expertise and services available to turn a negative cash flowing property into a cash flowing machine.

Invest in Short Term Rentals

We acquire, build, renovate, design, own and manage short term rental and vacation properties in Utah and across the country. We know exactly how to design and market a property in order to maximize your return on investment.

Purchase Pre-sold Homes

We have pre-sold homes and new houses for sale in Utah and across the country with qualified and underwritten buyers that can purchase our properties as soon as the renovation or new construction services are completed. We have government entities and non-profit organization partners that provide our team off-market properties and subsidies.

Purchase REOs & Short Sales

If you are looking to purchase a short sale or a foreclosure, we have access to off-market and discounted properties. We have helped many clients throughout the short sale process and in most cases, we are able to provide these short sale properties to our investor associates.

Financing & Private Money

We have access to competitive private and hard money sources who will lend to our real estate clients. We have a network of local and national banks that offer unique lending programs and portfolio loan products. Our lending affiliates offer construction loans, fix and flip loans, long term rental loans, stated income loans, short term rental loans and other non-conventional lending products.

Coaching, Design & Project Management

An important aspect of investing in real estate is working with contractors and sub-contractors that can produce quality work and sustain the construction budget and project time frames. We have years of experience in building and renovating homes in various markets so we know how to produce quality homes that are finished on time and at or under the projected budget. If you would like to use a different contractor or sub-contractor, we can provide coaching, design and project management services.

The Rehab With Us Partnership

We partner with new, intermediate and experienced real estate investors. As your joint venture partner, we will do all the heavy lifting for you by providing under market value deals, renovation services, property management, buyer preparation, and an exit strategy. We invite new or experienced investors to be a capital partner on our projects or we can partner on your real estate project. There is no reason for you to lose money on another real estate flip, no reason to swing a hammer, and no reason to attend another DIY real estate seminar to find out that investing in real estate is really time consuming and difficult. If you are a seasoned investor or if this is your first real estate investment, we have a real estate venture for you. Let our team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals handle the stressful yet essential services that ultimately make your investment capital thrive. Invest with confidence and experience real results when you REHAB WITH US.

Use our FREE property search to locate investment properties and if you would like us to prepare a cash flow analysis or schedule a consultation please fill out the information below.


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