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Brown Lee Property

on April 07, 2014

Acquisition Costs: $39,800

Estimated Rehab Costs: $77,450

Total Investment: $117,250

After Rehab Value: $159,000

Closing Costs: $9,540

Estimated Profit: $32,210

Estimated ROI: 27%


on March 26, 2014

Elite Renovations has the ability to accommodate new, intermediate or experienced real estate investors. Elite renovations can cater to investors who simply have capital to invest in real estate and no time to dedicate to a project or to investors that prefer to be hands on during project inception. Elite Renovations will provide any and all of the services listed here to make your real estate investment a turn-key and successful investment. For a full list and cost of services contact us to join our program.


on April 23, 2012

Elite Renovations would like to invite you as a new or experienced investor to “REHAB WITH US” as a capital partner. Elite Renovations has investment funds and is willing to partner with certain investors to create a joint venture. As our real estate investment partner we will provide all of the renovation services and we will make your real estate investment completely turn-key. You can determine how much you would like to invest into each project for as low as 20% and as high as 80% of the total project costs. If you invest 60% of the total project costs then you are entitled to 60% of the overall project profit. For example, if the total costs including rehab are $100,000 and you invest 50% as a partner then your total investment will be $50,000. If the total profit for the project is $30,000 you would be entitled to 50% of that profit which would be a total of $15,000.