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23 Apr


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Elite Renovations would like to invite you as a new or experienced investor to “REHAB WITH US” as a capital partner. Elite Renovations has investment funds and is willing to partner with certain investors to create a joint venture. As our real estate investment partner we will provide all of the renovation services and we will make your real estate investment completely turn-key. You can determine how much you would like to invest into each project for as low as 20% and as high as 80% of the total project costs. If you invest 60% of the total project costs then you are entitled to 60% of the overall project profit. For example, if the total costs including rehab are $100,000 and you invest 50% as a partner then your total investment will be $50,000. If the total profit for the project is $30,000 you would be entitled to 50% of that profit which would be a total of $15,000.