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26 Mar


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1. Property Acquisitions: Elite Renovations is constantly developing relationships and access to inventory through various proprietary methods. Contact us if you would like to purchase one of our below market value properties. Standard real estate commissions, assignment or administrative fees may apply.

2. Private Money & Banks: Elite Renovations has access to competitive private and hard money sources who will lend to our real estate investment affiliates. Elite Renovations has a network of local and national banks to offer our investors real estate or business loans.

3. Insurance: Elite Renovations can offer investors various cost effective insurance options.

4. Renovation & Construction Management: The most important aspect of investing in real estate is finding contractors that can produce quality work and project managers who can sustain the original budget and project time frames. With years of experience and trial and error in various markets we know who to use and what to do in order to accomplish the goal of producing quality homes that are under the projected budget and schedule.

5. Property Management: Once a property has been renovated it is important to maintain the curb appeal and the overall appearance inside and outside the home while being marketed for sale. Our property managers can install wireless alarm systems to prevent theft, stage homes, maintain yards, or provide cleaning services.

6. Real Estate Agents: Elite Renovations has a team of professional and local Real Estate Agents with years of experience and knowledge. They are completely dedicated to finding buyers and marketing homes for Elite Renovations and or its investor affiliates.

7. Pre-sold Homes: Elite Renovations has pre-sold homes that have qualified and underwritten buyers that can purchase homes as soon as renovation or new construction services are completed. Elite Renovations has contracts with non-profit organizations that will purchase renovated homes with cash upon rehab completion.

8. Qualified Buyer: Elite Renovations has established local housing centers that will gather buyer applications and provide all of the necessary components to qualify them for long term financing such as credit repair, down payment assistance, credit counseling, and grants. Once the borrowers are pre-qualified they will begin to look at investor affiliate properties.

9. Lease Or Lease To Own Buyer: Elite Renovations has access to multiple family units as well as single family units that produce above average cap rates. Elite Renovations possesses contracts and methods that can ultimately reduce the risk of lost rents. If you are an investor that would like to hold onto properties in order to receive a monthly cash flow or you would like to participate in a lease to own program, Elite Renovations can help you as a long term investor.

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