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What we do

  • Elite Renovations, LLC

    provides quality housing to home buyers in real estate markets that are distressed or affected by weather related disasters. Elite Renovations has created and implemented a unique transitional home ownership program that provides housing to borrowers who face income and lending barriers and assists local governments in revitalizing neighborhoods.

    Elite Renovations is in the process of bringing this home ownership program to scale by establishing a network of housing centers. These housing centers prepare borrowers for home ownership by delivering services such as home counseling, credit restoration, financial planning, down payment assistance, grants, rental and mortgage subsidy payments, and flexible long term mortgage loans.

    Providing More Than Just a Home

Why Us?

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    With over 15 years of renovation and new construction experience in various markets, Elite Renovations has the ability to offer investors a short or long term turnkey real estate investment.

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    As your joint venture partner Elite Renovations will do all the heavy lifting for you by providing under market value deals, renovation services, property management, buyer preparation, and a short or long term investment exit strategy.

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    There is no reason for you to lose money on another real estate flip, no reason to swing a hammer, and no reason to attend another DIY real estate seminar to find out that investing in real estate is really time consuming and difficult.

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    If you are a seasoned investor or if this is your first real estate investment we have a real estate venture for you. Let our team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals handle the stressful yet essential services that ultimately make your investment capital thrive.

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    Invest with confidence and experience real results with Elite Renovations.


  • Elite Renovations

    creates jobs by enabling local builders, developers, real estate agents, property managers, loan officers, and banking institutions the ability to participate in various real estate ventures from project inception. Elite Renovations has contracted with non-profit organizations and local public housing authorities (PHA’s) to offer a home ownership program to its members and affiliates. Elite Renovations provides our collaboration of professionals and non–profit organizations the communication, technology and automation to make each real estate project successful.

    As prices hit bottom in real estate markets across the country and housing inventory becomes within reach of low and moderate income families, how and where do these potential buyers find funds to renovate a home or obtain long term financing? Vacant, stripped and boarded up homes continue to drag down adjacent property values, putting communities at risk. Neighborhoods desperately need financial sustainable home owners to take over the vacant inventory. This awareness is behind the company’s effort to develop a national transitional housing initiative that can help buyers who are not yet mortgage ready but can get there with some assistance and flexible lending options.

    If you would like a list of below market deals and opportunities please send us an email or call us at 801-718-7045 to get the process started. We will partner with you and provide all the essential services that produce a successful real estate investment.

The best of professionals.